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Hello Melee speedrunners! The setup for the Category Extensions game for Super Smash Bros. Melee is now finished. A bunch of new categories for the full-game section are currently made and the individual level charts from the regular game are also present. The rulings for each part of this game have been updated to comply with the purpose of what we wanted for the category extension, and each category has at least some ruling for guidance right now. It can have rules altered/optimized and new categories added to it once more people play and think of new additions for leaderboards, but right now the game is at the point where it is considered ready for use.

Go take a look and contact us if you think anything needs to be adjusted, added, or removed, for any part of the game. I think the game will be adjusted going forward, but we will try to keep things as compatible as possible for the submissions in case any category structures, policies, or rules get changed drastically.