Which EMU is allowed
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I was going to attempt speedrunning Melee's Catagory Extensions, but was wondering: What emulator works? I use Dolphin 5.0-16793 for speedrunning Melee, but is any type of emulator allowed, or is it just a certain few? There's no rules on what emulator is allowed or not, so I was just wondering. Thanks.

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For Category Extensions there are no set rule for what emulator to use. Some are better than others however. I am not quite sure on which ones people use but i know a good one is the slippi emulator as it cuts down a ton of load times for Real Time runs. All Trophies. All Characters etc. But for really any other category with an In Game Timer like the main categories in the 1-P Mode any emulator should be good enough.

I should mention tho just in case. 5.0 (Stable) is the only emulator allowed on the Original board with a few settings enabled in the rules. Category Extensions lets you use any.

Feel free to ask if you got any more questions :D

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I’ve been using Slippi 2.1.0.

Slippi has way faster loads than console or Dolphin 5.0, but as far as I can tell the later Slippi versions don’t let you disable cheats, hence why I used the older 2.1.0.

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