Rules change regarding timing and FPS cap
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Rules change regarding timing and FPS cap
Mazowieckie, Poland

Effective immediately (06/05/2020), we're introducing two new rules for PC runs:

  • Load Removal becomes the main timing method for singleplayer Windows runs, thus having the "loadless" time visible is required for the entire duration of the run

  • All runs must have their framerate capped to 120FPS, and a framerate counter must be visible for the entire duration of the run

First of all, the welcomed change: Load removal. This change can be summed up in those points:

  • We're introducing load removal to mitigate the differences in HDD/other hardware between runners' PCs that can influence load times
  • Co-op runs will still be timed using the RTA method as there's simply no way to even determine what are "loads" in co-op runs. As such, when submitting a co-op run, please put your RTA time in both timing fields
  • You activate it by clicking "Activate" in the "Edit Splits..." menu in LiveSplit with the game set to "Saints Row: The Third".
  • Times of currently submitted runs will be moved to the "Time without loads" in order to keep it with line with new submissions (that's a thing with SRDC - all times with no loadless time get moved to the bottom of the LB)
  • If your run on the LBs was posted before this rule change (thus it has no "Loadless" time), you may submit a faster run only if its "Time with loads" beats the current time.
  • If you wish to submit a run to a non-Windows platform, please put your time into the "Time without loads" section. All of this is explained in this thread Additional note: after a couple runs with the "Loadless" time happen, we will look into averaging the difference between "with loads" and "loadless" times, and subtracting that amount from every run submitted prior to today. This would be done to give a general idea of how a run places in the light of today's rules, and to organize them a little better.

And now, for the big one. Couple months ago the community has found proof that the framerate of your game influences how fast do certain in-game events happen (for example how long does it take for Shaundi to hack the computer during "Hit the Powder Room"). It has been established that introducing a framerate cap will be required to even out the chances for everyone, and the community has decided to choose between a 60FPS (no framerate benefits) and 120FPS (has framerate benefits, but doesn't open all the gates) by vote. The vote resulted in a tie (6 to 6 votes), but ultimately the moderation has decided to introduce the 120FPS cap, because we believe Saints Row: The Third is not a heavily demanding game hardware-wise and getting to or near the set cap shouldn't be a problem for most runners. Additionally, potential time differences between 120 and close-to-120FPS are too minor to consider getting the framerate cap all the way down to 60. For showing the current framerate you may use a third-party tool, such as Dxtory, Bandicam or Rivatuner. If needed, you may also show Steam's built-in FPS ticker, but it must be clearly visible (enable High Contrast color).

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Mazowieckie, Poland

Since we've had couple Any% No DLC runs with Loadless times, we've moved onto calculating an average.

The spreadsheet with all the important calculations is here

The average load time across 9 runs turned out to be 8 minutes and 8 seconds.

The moderation will be adjusting the runs accordingly.

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