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TL;DR Now all PC runs must be measured using LiveSplit's built in SRIV Load remover. All current runs have their times moved to "without loads" to avoid unfairness caused by SRC's internal workings

From now on in order to have your speedrun submissions accepted into the leaderboards you must use a Load Remover.

• What's a load remover?
It is a built in tool in LiveSplit that will stop the timer whenever it detects that the game is loading

• Why use it?
Many runners have different PCs. Some might have better setups (faster processor, solid state drive etc.) than others which could affect load times, so to put everyone on even grounds it was most appropriate to eliminate load times from the equation entirely.

• How do I use it?
Rightclick on LiveSplit's main window and go into the "Edit Splits..." menu. From there if you have the game set as "Saints Row IV", an option to activate a load remover should become available. Click "Activate" and you should be all set.
To show the time without loads, set your current comparsion as "Game Time" (Rightclick LiveSplit > Compare against > Game time). Alternatively you can add a separate Timer to your layout that is set to show the Game time.
On top of that, you have to make sure that the Game Time is shown on your video feed at all times as proof.

• What's gonna happen to the current runs?
Their times will be moved to the "without loads" column. Manual time removal would be close to impossible because of lack of visible hints in most situations. This is the best next thing we can do.

• I've had a run on the leaderboards already, but I've done a new run with removed loads now. You'll accept it, right?
If you've done and submitted a run prior to the timing change, a new run will be accepted under a condition that you beat its "Time with loads".

• What about console runners?
For now nothing - the rules for console submissions are the same - just make sure you insert your final time into "Time without loads" column, so that you aren't automatically pushed to the bottom of the leaderboard.

The change is effective immediately in all SR:IV categories.
Please post any questions in this thread.

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