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As I can see someone change a timing method in 652%. I think it's not fair for runners with worse setup. I made some comparison for you with loading times from crash nst and spyro rt: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​YcMRVzv I suggest restoring a IGT for Spyro and loadless time for Crash with adding break times between changing games. I'm also open to other suggestions.


That's precisely how I had it before.

Before I get into it, it's worth noting that there is currently a column for 652% that is time without loads. The board IS NOT sorted by RTA. That column isn't visible because neither run uses the new SRT loadless plugin on PC. Please check the rules if you missed this somehow.

Since things have changed with the SRT PC release and IGT is no longer the method the community wants to use, I had to change things. I always felt that IGT in SRT did an alright job, but the others in the community disagree and so I respect that. It's the same reason why Crash TWoC uses loadless in the same run as 1-3 being with loads, it's community decisions pulled from them. If you can come up with an accurate and fair timing method for SRT on PC and console, such as a load remover based on visuals, I'd happily allow/require that.

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