Proposed changes for run timing
1 year ago

I suggest some slight changes to run timing conventions and definitions. I've edited this guide to my proposal:

This includes a change in how we define loadless timing to better suit how we do it. Instead of defining the loading period, I think it is better to define the gameplay segments.

I've made a tool that can hopefully help make the process of timing runs with or without loads less cumbersome: Segmented Timer

Additionally I think it makes sense to round milliseconds to the second decimal point since encoding and capture methods make the thousands effectively meaningless.

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Illinois, USA

I agree completely with the change to round away milliseconds, although this only affects Maria runs, correct? Would we need to retime already existing Maria runs (wouldn't be a gigantic ordeal, since it's a smaller category) or would this only be in effect moving forward?


Well no everything that has milliseconds should be rounded to hundredths is what I'm saying. No need to retime.

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Which rounding method is most conventional? Round nearest or round up?


I imagine either nearest or just removing the last digit.

Illinois, USA

Do we need a mod to weigh in on this before it can become official?