Timing Change
3 years ago
Missouri, USA

Seeing as how the game doesn't actually start until you select whether you are a king or queen (existing saves do not get overwritten until you do so, either), it does not make sense to include it in the timing of the run. Therefore, the rule has been changed to start the timing of the run when you select King or Queen. All existing best runs with video have been adjusted accordingly.

Texas, USA

I was gonna ask about this, being that the wr time starts upon selection of king or queen that’s how i started my time. Thank you for the clarification

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New Categories!

I have added two new categories to the leaderboard for different endings available in the game. To keep the endings straight, I have renamed the Any% category to the Council of Crowns Ending.

The new categories are called Refusing the Council Ending and Royal Advisor Romance. Both categories requ

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