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2 years ago

We could do a category where you have to get 1000 gold as quick as possible, calling it money.

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Ontario, Canada

Ooo, good one we could also call 1k%

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Missouri, USA

I love short categories. I hate arbitrary categories. I don't see any significance to the 1000 gold benchmark within the game. I tend to let game content dictate categories, not other people.

That said, if you want a short category:

Everybody left :(

Get to zero population as fast as possible. That's it.

If anyone is curious enough, you should make sure that you can get to zero population after reaching the council of crowns. I'll make that a thing, too.

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

I love this idea

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Also Cards its not about the length its about fun to run a other thing then "Everybody left" and "any%"

Bavaria, Germany

What about reaching 5000? 10000? population? Why stop when you are in the council of crowns?

This is my first game i speedrun, will upload my run later. I am not that much into the game, but if there is no real ending after the council of crowns we could just say get to a population of "...." the fastest?

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I have added two new categories to the leaderboard for different endings available in the game. To keep the endings straight, I have renamed the Any% category to the Council of Crowns Ending.

The new categories are called Refusing the Council Ending and Royal Advisor Romance. Both categories requ

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