Journey | Child Manip Strategy
Texas, USA

This run includes a Manip that makes it so that you play the same map in the first stage (Child) every run. This isn't the fastest possible map and the snood (that you shoot) rng is still random (except for the first 2, which are usually both Zod(Red), but it makes for a much more consistent start to the run, and is a neat new feature!

  • Soft Reset the Game so you go to the Main Menu Screen
  • Go to Options and Select Journey and whatever character you want to play as (character is not necessary for the manip)
  • Back out and Start the run, the map that appears should look like the Map in the video provided.
  • This only works if its the FIRST Map loaded from the Main Menu, to get the same stage again, Soft Reset and repeat the process.

Feel free to let me know if this is a version exclusive manip or something of the sort, but it is 100% consistent for me on console.