Leaderboard Updates/Suggestions
Texas, USA

Hey everyone! I cleaned up the leaderboards and wanted to list the changes and also ask/openly talk about other possible additions to the leaderboard.

  • Added a Character Variable to specify which character you played as.

  • Combined Child-Evil runs to "Classic" with Child-Evil being a "Difficulty Variable"

  • Moved times to appropriate categories and added Character Variable if shown.

  • Added Rules to the categories so you know when to start and stop timing.

If there are any other changes or fixes, suggest them!

Portland, OR, USA

The changes look fantastic @RubberDuckyAssassin

Only other thing I can think of doing is just standardizing the timings for all the runs (either include ms or not). I think it makes sense to include the extra decimal places for the Classic runs, especially since some of them are so close, but its probably overkill for the journey runs.

I know I'm responsible for a few of my stream viewers getting into running the game, so if you'd like another mod I'd be happy to help verify runs if need be.

Texas, USA

Rad, yea I can Enforce Milliseconds in the Classic categories, and I think millis could be useful for Journey if the times get close enough to each other to need millis to specify which is faster.

I added you as a Mod @kyletx500 and I was also thinking of adding ILs for Puzzle Mode, since its too difficult to do a full run of the mode, breaking up each level into 1 run makes it at least a little more enticing/easier to do.

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