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3 months ago

Hey all

It is great to see the recent activity on the SRnR board! You're all doing great with new PB's and accomplishments. It is making me itch for runs again myself. Keep up the good work!

Your mod, Neffets <3

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New Jersey, USA

Cheers, Neffets! I'll be honest; I was worried that the control scheme wouldn't translate well for me because other isometric games I play are different. So far, it's only really bothering me in the underwater sections.

If all goes well this weekend, be on the lookout for a new co-op submission from chessjerk and me. :)

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Yeah it takes very little getting used to except the water level as you mention. That can still mess me up! Hope you can make it work! I'll be looking forward to it :)

Västerbotten, Sweden

Haha the underwater level is a pain honestly. But I only think so because of having to spam jump to swim up. But how you need to lick to get the nibbleys is not obvious. GL on the runs Yelsraek and Chessjerk!

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