Foreverjump - a new (possibly useful) glitch
5 years ago
Västerbotten, Sweden

Hey everyone. I was playing with the idea to somehow complete a level without having to ring the bell. When wrecking havoc around the door to make something crazy happen I triggered this glitch.

In this video we can see the second time I managed to trigger trick. I did not record the first time it happend but if I remember correctly I was spamming the jump button in the corner and licking.. Will post if I figure out more. If we manage to figure out how this work it could be really useful for speedrunning. :)

EDIT: I got it once more. It was a lil' different as you can see in the video.

  • I had no tongue upgrade instead of 1 tongue upgrade
  • Had the reverse controls powerup
  • Faced the corner instead of doing a Right to Upleft motion in the middle of the door Note: Doors have some sort of collition on their left side, the place where I took off.

EDIT2: Got a third one. I don't have any additional to draw but I'm thinking all of this is related to the flying mats. Since they are the reason you can double jump I wouldn't be surprised if something could get weird with them. Have tried other places to see if the door matters and also tried without the speed powerup but no success so far.

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What the heck!? :O

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