Pacifist running in Butter bridge course 2
2 years ago
Tokyo, Japan

Main topic Butter bridge course 2 In everyone runs, a super koopa living in Butter bridge course 2 was killed by a koopa shooting the shell. Mario can save the super koopa. It is conflict with the 1st rule "No enemies can be killed in the course of the run". For example, It occurred at 15:11(Live Split time) of cape WR 35:57.616 and 15:19(Live Split time) of no cape 2nd WR 36:02. In both cases, The points increased 200 at the times.

Suggestion I suggest you that Mario must save the super koopa from now on. And let you add a note to the category rules.

Sub topic Valley of Bowser course 2 There is a shell koopa killed by the rainbow shell when Mario try getting a mushroom in the 1st screen.

Suggestion I suggest you to add a simple note about rainbow shells to the category rules.

Sub topic Enemies living in the courses out of no starworld routes.

  • Vanilla dome course 3 (A koopa living at just after the Bonus)
  • SP 4 (The rainbow shell and shooting shell koopas) In Vanilla dome course 3, No cape Mario can save the koopa. In SP 4, I think no koopa is going to be killed at normally speedrun.

Suggestion Just to be sure, I suggest you to add simple notes about these courses.


I think for pacifist rules is the player who is not allowed to harm enemies but enemies can harm other enemies.