New Category: Orb The Switches
2 years ago
Texas, USA

Ran like it's sounds, use an orb in every switch palace time ends on peace sign in blue orb. This has been ran by multiple people. I can do a run if needed as all streams have been gone.

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Texas, USA

I now have times and names of people who have done runs my first run being a 52:28 (Old and no routing made at the time) Sniggs98 has a 38:26 ( that we know of). SuperiorSone has a 29:59 and tm0153 has a low 27 (real time unknown)

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At the moment we don't have plans to add any new categories to the ext boards. After a big overhaul, we can look at the request again.

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United States

FWIW it was a 27 flat.

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