lets get smw to a full year worth of runtime by the end of 2024
1 month ago
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OK I will try and help work tords this​

I'm new, what is that time? I mean, why 8 months of what?
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The total run time of all runs of this game

Massachusetts, USA

I'll start submitting PBS again soon I miss running smw

Massachusetts, USA

we've gone up several hours since I originally started this thread

Oklahoma, USA

wait how do I see the all runtime

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In the stats section if you are using a phone you will need to press the 3 dots button then it is on the bottom.


i just started learning 11 exit glitchless no cape, hope to submit pb's soon also.

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@deviantcode I am also practicing that catagory I am hoping to get in the top 10 on the leaderboards