Super Mario World Practice Cart

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By dotsarecool




96 Exit (Beginner Route, Split on Every Level)

The order in which you do exits in Star World changes slightly in this route because you need to feed Blue Yoshi in Star World 2. Since you cannot do zips with Yoshi, you have to do both Star World 1 exits before Star World 2. In the optimal route, you feed Yellow Yoshi in Star World 5 instead. This Star World route is: [SW3s, SW4, SW4s, SW5, SW1, SW1s, SW2s, SW3, SW2 (feed blue yoshi your backup fire/mushroom), SW5*]. The optimal Star World route is: [SW3s, SW4, SW4s, SW5, SW1s, SW2s, SW3 (get cape by taking the pswitch through the goal), SW2, SW1, SW5* (feed yellow yoshi your backup cape)]. (direct download)

By BramzBramz