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How come clipping threw the stars does not count as a glitch for glitchless

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A Glitch is an unintended mechanic of the game, the game code malfunctions and produces an unintended result.

If you meant the stair clip in DSGH that is just the result of Mario moving just the right amount of pixels on a specific frame with a good angle on the stairs, no malfuction occured on the code since Mario's speed is just doing exactly what it was programmed for therefore stair clipping is not a glitch.

Now if you meant Star World 1 zips that's because only 4 yellow blocks can be spinning on screen at the same time, hitting a 5th block will cause the 1st to stop spinning, note that the game is programmed to push you out of solid blocks so when you zip through the yellow blocks your cape his new blocks around you making the ones where Mario is solid, since they're solid they push you out making you hit more blocks and the process repeats in a chain reaction. Again note that the game code did its job: pushing you out of solid blocks while no allowing more than 4 blocks spinning on screen; no glitch happened.

Some players fly doors 2 and 7 at Bowser's, it can be argued to be a glitch too however the game has an internal timer called "take off meter" but for some reason that timer wasn't programmed to reset between transitions like doors or pipes. Once again the game's code did nothing wrong since the timer simply doesn't reset so door/pipe flying are not glitches either.

Glitches have a human factor, we force the glitch to happen. if anything we can argue that these examples are exploits, the result of bad programming that we can take advantage of. It's up to the community to debate these things I believe there is a round table at our discord to discuss these things in detail, so keep composture, behave and you can bring any SMW topic to the table to clarify it.

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OK thanks just what I wanted to now

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