Dode's 1:23 removed?
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Apparently controversial/offensive speedrunner Dode had his 1:23 removed? I think he ran 96 exit and got 1:23 but apparently his other times are still up. Am I just trippin?


Yeah you are correct, weird.

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Why is he banned? Sorry don't really follow these things too much

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Couldn't tell you about that specific run, but after what he has done, he really isn't welcome in the community anyways after being such a bigot, so good riddance. Not going to spew a giant story here about all of it, and after what was done no one should be talking or worrying about such negative people anyways. Our community and the speedrun community at large has no tolerance for any of that junk. Hope that answers any questions.

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Thanks! Also speedrun content producer :O

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Nah Dode was a horrible person but I do think the run should be anonymized, maybe he cheated though

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On second thought No probably not but I will say it was a 1:23 so anyone who cares add 1 to your rank