in-game time for IL runs
6 years ago
Texas, USA

The Rules say, "In-game time is only required for levels that have a timer. Please subtract the time you got in-game from the time that the timer starts at." What does that second sentence mean? Is the in-game time listed on the leaderboard suppose to be the final value of the in-game timer, or is it suppose to be the final value subtracted from the starting value? Can a mod please update the Rules to clarify this?


Let's say Ricco 2 for example: In this case the timer starts at 0:00:00 so the final time would be the correct one. But then there are levels like Sirena 6: there, the timer starts at 3:00:00 and goes down. If the final time is let's say 2:25:46 for example then the correct time should be the difference: 0:34:54

I don't run this game... yet. But I know a few things so I hope that's what you meant :)

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