Discord Server
Chatroom for Super Mario Sunshine speedrun discussion. (external link)
Individual Level (IL) Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet for posting IL times gotten with the Shine Get timer on the practice codes. (external link)
Multi-Use Guide
Routes and video tutorials for SMS Any% and more. (external link)
Practice Codes
Allows you to easily generate and download custom cheatfiles for Sunshine practice. (external link)
Pre-Gelato Skip Leaderboard Archive
Archive of the leaderboards from February 20th, 2014, before Gelato Skip was found and Sunshine rose in popularity. (external link)
SunshineCommunity - Twitch
Stream page for relay races, bingo, and more. (external link)
SunshineCommunity - Twitter
Updates on community events. (external link)
SunshineCommunity - YouTube
Archived events and runs. (external link)
None yet
Blank Any% Splits
Blank splits with the current fastest Any% route. (external link) Game Page
Link to the SMS page with all splits uploaded to the site! (external link)
None yet