120 Shines Route & Guide

Google Doc of the current 120 Shines route, with a blue coin guide and route notes. (external link)

By BramzBramz

Discord Server

Chatroom for Super Mario Sunshine speedrun discussion. (external link)

How to setup practice codes on sd card

Since so many people have trouble actually setting up the practice codes i made a updated tutorial for it (external link)

By Lucasthe_69

Individual Level (IL) Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet for posting IL times gotten with the Shine Get timer on the practice codes. (external link)

By DutchjDutchj

Multi-Use Guide

Routes and video tutorials for SMS Any% and more. (external link)

By MilkMilk, DutchjDutchj

Practice code functions

this is a doc I made so you can just look at all the practice code functions or just print it to look at them which is what I do (alternatively you can just look at the practice code website ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) (external link)

By Lucasthe_69

Practice Codes

Allows you to easily generate and download custom cheatfiles for Sunshine practice. (external link)

By psychonauterpsychonauter, NokiDokiNokiDoki, MilkMilk

Pre-Gelato Skip Leaderboard Archive

Archive of the leaderboards from February 20th, 2014, before Gelato Skip was found and Sunshine rose in popularity. (external link)

By NkittenNkitten, 1UpsForLife1UpsForLife


[JPN] 120 Shine File

120 Shines for Japanese GCN. (direct download)

By kcajkcaj

[JP] NG+ file

File A: Final plaza, all worlds unlocked, all nozzles unlocked everywhere, Yoshi unlocked, no blue coins, no secrets or Piantissimos completed. Files B and C empty (direct download)

By LarvitarLarvitar


Blank Any% Splits

Blank splits with the current fastest Any% route. (external link) Game Page

Link to the SMS page with all splits uploaded to the site! (external link)