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3 months ago

The idea is to beat the first fight with all 4 broodals as fast as possible

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in other words Any% up to Wooden kingdom (ft. the all the broodals)

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Basque Country

@GeometryDashFan in any% top route you literaly don't have to battle any of the 3 broodals from sand to wooded, and even in beginner route no one would ever go for hariet lol, it's a middle point betwen any% and World Peace; and besides, you can just rush to the broodal without having to do the rest of the world in wooded

anyways, yea https://www.speedrun.com/posts/6w64a

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@KilleDragon Ik, that's what I meant by "ft. all the broodals", it was just any% with broodal fights but wooden i guess that could introdunce some intrusting movemet tech

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Śląskie, Poland

An excuse to learn ip skip

Illinois, USA

is madame broodal included?

Wisconsin, USA

Doesn’t really matter since you have to beat madame broodal to go to the next kingdom

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Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

How about i just whant to d!e%. Because in metro in the Shop there is a guy that says i just whant to d!e.