I'm going to be very simple, the Clip% is a category I've invented that consist of clipping out of bounds, and... here's an entire video I've made to present it (for the occasion). It's a speedrun that I've played for a long time... and I'm kinda sad to not have shared it for years, since I suck at this game. I feel like it could be pushed very far by improving the strategies and routing, and it's fun to play. (also, I would like to mention, I talk about my current PB that I would like to be verified in the video, but... it doesn't have game audio, so...)

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Ohio, USA

softlock% 2.0 lmao

ill watch the vid and maybe like and sub?

California, USA

This is one category I don't think is a good idea because there are new clips being discovered everyday. I feel like soon it would just be doing a ledge clip which is pixel perfect and is luck based, so I wouldn't run this category.

Śląskie, Poland

This is literally softlock%

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I don't like the fact that for your route, it specifically requires a file with darker side unlocked but not that moon in ruined being collected.