All Minigames RTA
6 years ago
Nevada, USA

like Koopa Freerunning RTA, but with the bound bowls, rc car, and maybe jump rope and volleyball to 100. is it a good idea?

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Georgia, USA

We should have a mini games category with two subcategorys, koopa freerunnig rta, and all mini games rta

Oregon, USA

I dont think jump rope should be included just cause its basically an autoscroller.

Essex, England

Koopa freeruns rta is a far better category and should NEVER be looped into this idea. The koopa freeruns and boundbowl games are the only ones that really take skill, jump rope and volleyball are basically crapshooter that fail all the time.

Nevada, USA

ok, i guess scrap the idea of jump rope and volleyball and just do the timed ones

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Georgia, USA

Yeah, no jump rope and volleyball, but how about bound bowl rta?

Essex, England

Bound bowl rta is just bound bowl with in game timer... Unless u mean both circuits, in which case it's two bound bowls with in game timer... There's like no movement whatsoever in-between so there's no point. Also, imo the easy one is really boring, so it's just pointless to me.

As for minigames rta: you could do it, sure, u would have to hate urself but it's not a bad idea. What is a bad idea is to loop it in with KFRTA.


I would suggest doing All Minigames from startup, I think the goal is long enough for that - and also you'd have to get all minigame moons, i.e. do each freerunning, tracewalking, face replica etc. twice

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Georgia, USA

^ ooooo interesting

Ohio, USA

I think we are getting a little off track here. I think an "All Minigames" category should include the following: Bound Bowl Grand Prix Class A and Class S, Iceburn Circuit Class A and Class S, every Koopa Trace Walking (both moons), both Picture Matches (both moons) RC Car subarea (both moons) and RC Car outside. Not Jump Rope or Volleyball since they are auto scrollers. I think this would be a good category. Let me know if I missed any Minigames.