Best way to improve any% 1p?
3 months ago
Utah, USA

I have a sub 1:40 down and and really want sub 1:30. I can only PB by a couple seconds per run and was wondering if their was any faster way to improve. Any help is appreciated!


watch tomshi's pb analysis videos they have lots of good advice that may not be in the tutorials. There are plenty of ways to optimize your run that you may be overlooking like getting very close to the spewart when fighting him, limiting cap throws, and having better lines.

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Victoria, Australia

When you're at that level, what is generally accepted as the best thing you can do is to just do plenty of no reset runs (or at least resist the urge to reset too often) so you can get more familiar and fluent with movement. If you're already doing that, then you may want to practice individual kingdoms that you find tricky and try to plan out/memorise roughly what movement to do where. Good luck with your runs :D

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optimize the route, study top runs, and refine movement for faster times.

Śląskie, Poland

just schmove faster

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@MatBane you shouldn't be refrecing of top runs at that level without some sort of guidence on which tricks to do because most of the movement in top runs are too inconsistient

watch small ants movement guide and focus on practice not runs

Utah, USA

Thx for all the help! I'll try all of the things u guys said!