How is going to snow first faster?
5 years ago

I don’t know. Why does the order matter? And wouldn’t going to seaside first be better for more coin grinding time?

Pennsylvania, USA

Going to snow is actually not faster, but people went to snow first initially because you're automatically hovering over snow when you're given a choice between snow or seaside, allowing you to just mash a and not move the analog stick at all. Seaside was recently discovered to be faster by .3 because certain text will not appear when you go Seaside first. You need almost perfect menuing for Seaside first to be faster however. damn i wrote an essay but hope this helped

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Arizona, USA

Seaside first being faster is still a preliminary idea. perfect menuing would for sure be needed for it to be faster. It was generally agreed that snow was faster because you could just mash A to select it instead of having to scroll down to seaside.

California, USA

I feel like Seaside First could also be faster if some coins gotten in Sand or something were to be routed out. The only problem with this is that the coins aren't exactly out of the way enough to justify taking them out.

Pennsylvania, USA

The only thing I can think of is completely getting rid of getting coins in sphinx room but still get chest, but only top runners would need to go for that because it would save like .5 or a second at most.

Victoria, Australia

What I do if I don't have enough coins in Metro (which I usually don't) is ground pound the hint art in the pool under the moon and get, like, a million coins. Only on 1.2.0, btw