why no emulators?
1 month ago

i have no way of getting version 1.0.0 of SMO without using an emulator, so why are they banned? it's not like emulators magically make your run faster. if it's because of mods, you can also get mods on Switch hardware, so to me there is no point in banning it.

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1 month ago

There really is no reason to run on 1.0.0 anymore though.

But the reason they aren't allowed is likely due to inconsistency in loads depending on your hardware. It is not nearly as accurate as even Dolphin emulator.

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No emulators because what @BennyTheGreat stated and also mods

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1 month ago

The reason emulator is banned is because the loads for both emulators are super inconsistent and won't be accurate compared to a console time. You just have to find a 1.0.0 switch cartridge on the internet somewhere

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