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Basicly it starts when pressing "a" on the first level and ends when touching last level flagpole/axe/square or whatever it might be. I wanna have some fun while getting easy endless streak and by adding this i can see meaningless numbers increase AND speedrun AT THE SAME TIME. You could name them (the original): no winstreak | and the new one; "winstreak"

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So like the same category except you can start your run without needing to delete your current streak if I understood correctly?

On the one hand: cool, would probably encourage more ppl (including myself) to run it as many ppl want to keep their streak.
On the other hand it'd essentially be a split leaderboard for the exact same category which is ehh. I'd much rather have load adjust for mid-streak runs (so like add x.yz seconds ("New Game" -> "A" on first level) to mid-streak runs where the timer starts when pressing "A" on the first level)

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If it was allowed it should be a sub category imo:
Thats because it would be easier to get 16 good levels in a row.
Lets say someone was doing runs for the original easy category and the last 8 levels were good on one run, the first 8 on the next run. He wouldnt get any good pb. But someone doing it without stopping would get a really good pb from that since he can start the run anywhere he wants to.

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@NiklYoshiNiklYoshi "So like the same category except you can start your run without needing to delete your current streak if I understood correctly?" Yes u understood. And i also agree on some parts of what u said. I changed my mind a little, we dont have to make a completly different subcategory, just add countdown seconds to livesplit or whatever its called.

@Qwert73 i didnt specify but you have to start from the first lvl of the board and end on level end on last level of the board, you cant split the levels from board to board.

Hope that summed up everything

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A suggestion if I may, I've seen several people including Raysfire, RedFalcon, etc. stream a new subcategory of 100 level easy (and maybe even normal as well) endless speedruns. In my opinion I think this is much better and should at least be additionally included alongside 16 levels, the problem I have with 16 levels is that the smaller the sample size of levels you have to work with, the more randomization and less skill is involved. (Think of it like this, if there was a 1 level speedrun, you would just have to keep rerolling until something drops you onto the flag basically and then you have the most optimized time). In the opposite direction, having 100 levels you could still complete in a reasonable amount of time (Raysfire did 1:31:41, RedFalcon did 1:29:59, and I myself have a 1:24:18), makes and encourages skipping levels to be actually strategic instead of just only resetting because the run is too short, and you can start the run in the middle of an ongoing run without the need to reset all progress. This would also be more accessible to other players on the in-game leaderboards who aren't forced to make a family account but don't want to restart on their main account. I usually start my timer on the first A button press on the world map and end at the flagpole of the 100th level. If that's still an issue with rolling runs together (having two or more runs at the same time at different levels which is the main issue here) I could also suggest that the start of a run could happen when someone hits the "Continue" button in the difficulty selection menu to prevent that from happening.

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