LevelFirst place
A Downhill Battle
ON/OFF Switch Research Expedition
Hello, 3D World
Under the Angry Sun
The Mystery of the Haunted Manor
Underground Coin Collecting
Swinging Claw Ropes Course
The Keymaster
Banzai Bill Ambush
Seesaw Catapults
Tunnel to the Dark Side of the Moon
Dry Bones Shell Boating
Twisting through the Desert Sands
That's One Hot Car!
Swing, Claw! Swing!
Treetop Fireballs
Plenty of Cheep Cheeps in the Sea
Fire Koopa Clown Carnage
Snake Blocks in the Sky
River Fish in the Forest
Above the Clouds, Beyond the Vines
Goomba Clubhouse
Boo's Towering House of Terror
Big Showdown on a Little Star
Red Yoshi's Cheep Cheep Cleanup
The Way of the Shell
Begone, Rotten Mushroom!
Blink Blank Blunk
Deep in the Windy Valley
Ancient Seesaw Fortress
Dash On, Dash Off
Bumper Jump Around!
Master of Trees
Upside-Down Stretches
Wobbly Seesaw Castle
Ant Trooper March
Fly-By-Night Clown Car
Boo-Ring Course
The Underground Menace
Save Me, Snake Block!
With a Lantern
Bouncing through the Clouds
Lava Rising
Impassable Castle
Lava Bubble Limbo
Dry Bones Lava Lurker
Blinking Block Blitz
Rotten Produce
Koopa Clown Car Coin Collecting
The Darkness Lifts
Get Over It!
Angry, Angry Sun
Koopa Troopa Car, Go!
BUZZY: The Movie: The Book: The Ride
100 Coins under the Sea
Climbing Twister Cave
The World's Greatest Cannon Ride
Above the Clouds
Dirty Donuts
Threat Level: Porcupuffer
ON/OFF Switcheroo!
Fast Snake Block Frontier
Red POW Block on the Move
Para-Beetle Transfer
Boom Boom Rager
Banzai Bill Chase Scene
The Road to Wall Jump Mastery
Freezing Rain
ON/OFF Koopa Troopas
Shoes in the Clouds
Lava Bubble Castle
Blooper Barrage
Good Lakitu, Bad Lakitu
Launching Bob-ombs, Collecting Co-coins
Stone of Destiny
Icicle Playground
Skipsqueak Towers
ON/OFF Rail Switch
Sail the Skies... Without Jumping
Vines in the Castle
Red Yoshi's Highway of Flames
Secret of the Dry Bones Shell
No-Jump Snowfield!
Winter and Spring and Winter Again
Bing Bang Boom in Bully Castle!
Monty Mole Iceberg Getaway
Just a Normal, Everyday Castle
Invincible Windsprinter
Molten Rain
Spiny Busters
Target: A Single Pom Pom
House of ! Blocks
Darkness Ahead, Darkness Below
High atop Thwomp Tower
Cheep Cheep Maze
Hold Your Breath
Sea of Sorrow
Swinging Claw Escape
Swamp Escape by Shell!
Chain Chomp Chiller
Airship Flight
Coin Collecting on an Unmanned Airship
Summer Shootout
Heavy Stone Heave-Ho
Head in the Clouds
Little Toad Lost
POW Block Wake-Up Call!
Piranha Creeper Squash
Spiny Shell Smashers
Buried Stones
Cat-Scratch Stone
Stone from the River
Toad Rescue
Operation: Toadal Eclipse
Meowser Showdown!
Let's Go, Builder Mario!
March of the Rookie Toads
Super Mario Bros. W1-1?