Featured run
Mario Kart FusionWario's Cosmic Construction - Time Trials(v4.0, Bike)by
First place
1st placein 1m 54s 203ms
Level runs
Level: 3DS Bowser's Castle
Level: 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon
Level: 3DS Daisy Hills
Level: 3DS DK Jungle
Level: 3DS Maka Wuhu
Level: 3DS Mario Circuit
Level: 3DS Music Park
Level: 3DS Neo Bowser City
Level: 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
Level: 3DS Rainbow Road
Level: 3DS Rock Rock Mountain
Level: 3DS Rosalina's Ice World
Level: 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
Level: 3DS Toad Circuit
Level: 3DS Wario Shipyard
Level: 3DS Wuhu Loop
Level: Aura Metropolis
Level: Autumn Forest
Level: Blood Fire Sky
Level: Cannon City
(v2.0, Bike)
First place
0m 58s 838ms
USA / NTSCWiiᴇᴍᴜ
2 years ago
Level: Canyon Arena
(v2.0, Bike)
First place
0m 17s 442ms
USA / NTSCWiiᴇᴍᴜ
2 years ago
Level: Castle of Hope
Level: Cityside Nature
Level: CNR Outer Space Chase
Level: Comet Starway
Level: CTR Blizzard Bluff
Level: CTR Cortex Castle
Level: CTR Hot Air Skyway
Level: CTR N. Gin Labs
Level: CTR Slide Coliseum
Level: CTR Tiny Arena
Level: Daisy Gardens
Level: Darkness Power Plant
Level: DKR Ancient Lake
Level: DKR Haunted Woods
Level: DKR Jungle Falls
Level: DKR Spaceport Alpha
Level: DKR Star City
Level: Drip-Drop Cavern
Level: DS Airship Fortress
Level: DS Bowser Castle
Level: DS Cheep Cheep Beach
Level: DS Figure-8 Circuit
Level: DS Luigi's Mansion
Level: DS Shroom Ridge
Level: DS Tick Tock Clock
Level: DS Waluigi Pinball
Level: Excitebike Adventure
Level: Funky's Dream
Level: FZ Big Blue
Level: FZ Mute City
Level: FZ White Land
Level: FZMV Cloud Carpet
Level: Galaxy Base
Level: GBA Bowser Castle 1
Level: GBA Bowser Castle 2
Level: GBA Bowser Castle 4
Level: GBA Cheese Land
Level: GBA Lakeside Park
Level: GBA Luigi Circuit
Level: GBA Mario Circuit
Level: GBA Ribbon Road
Level: GBA Riverside Park
Level: GBA Snow Land
Level: GCN Bowser's Castle
Level: GCN Daisy Cruiser
Level: GCN Dino Dino Jungle
Level: GCN Dry Dry Desert
Level: GCN Luigi Circuit
Level: GCN Mushroom Bridge
Level: GCN Mushroom City
Level: GCN Rainbow Road
Level: GCN Sherbet Land
Level: GCN Wario Colosseum
Level: GCN Yoshi Circuit
Level: GP Diamond City
Level: GP DK Jungle
Level: GP Mario Beach
Level: GP Pac-Mountain
Level: In A Days
Level: Lava Prison
Level: LOZWW Outset Island
Level: LR Imperial Grand Prix
Level: Luigi's Island
Level: Luigi's Speedway
Level: Luma Park
(v2.0, Bike)
First place
1m 11s 308ms
USA / NTSCWiiᴇᴍᴜ
3 years ago
Level: Minecraft Kart
Level: Molten Mountainway
Level: Moonlight Lake
Level: MP9 Snow Go
Level: MP9 Toad Road
Level: MSUSA Alaska
Level: MSUSA Colorado
Level: MSUSA Grand Canyon
Level: MSUSA Indianapolis
Level: MSUSA Philadelphia
Level: Oil Rig Run
(v2.0, Bike)
First place
0m 31s
USA / NTSCWiiᴇᴍᴜ
2 years ago
Level: Orbital Outpost
(v1.0, Bike)
First place
0m 36s 644ms
USA / NTSCWiiᴇᴍᴜ
2 years ago
Level: Overgrown Temple
Level: Pipeland Sewer
Level: PMWR King's Kourse
Level: Rainbow Road DX
Level: RMX Choco Island 1
Level: RMX Mario Circuit 1
Level: RMX Rainbow Road 1
Level: RMX Rainbow Road 2
Level: RV Botanical Garden
Level: RV Supermarket
Level: SADX Ice Circuit
Level: SADX Mountain Circuit
Level: SADX Saturn Circuit
Level: SADX Twinkle Circuit
Level: Sakura Sanctuary
Level: Sarasa Kingdom
Level: SD1 Green Hill R
Level: SH Casino Park
Level: SH Grand Metropolis
Level: SM64 Castle Grounds
Level: SM64 Cool Mountain Slide
Level: SMO RC Car Circuit
Level: SMS Blooper Surfing Safari
Level: SNES Bowser Castle 1
Level: SNES Bowser Castle 2
Level: SNES Bowser Castle 3
Level: SNES Choco Island 1
Level: SNES Donut Plains 2
Level: SNES Donut Plains 3
Level: SNES Ghost Valley 1
Level: SNES Koopa Beach 2
Level: SNES Mario Circuit 1
(v2.0, Bike)
Third place
0m 18s 489ms
USA / NTSCWiiᴇᴍᴜ
2 years ago
Level: SNES Mario Circuit 2
Level: SNES Vanilla Lake 1
Level: Space Race Castle
Level: Spooky Circuit
Level: SSBB Port Town Aero
Level: Starshine Atoll
Level: The Chamber
Level: Thunder Canyon
Level: Urban Gallery
Level: Waluigi's Choco Factory
Level: Wario's Cosmic Construction
Level: WF Wuhu Island
Level: Wii U Dolphin Shoals
Level: Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon
Level: Windy Whirl
Level: WP Wii Tanks
Level: Yoshi's Woolly Raceway
Level: Ziggurat Bay
Level: Vile Isle
Level: Wacky Waterworks
Level: Llama Circuit
Level: Moonlight Lake
Level: Sunshine Station
Level: Snowy Thrill Trail
Level: Toad Road
Level: Color Circuit
Level: Sky-High Road
Level: Green Hill Zone
Level: Mushroom Garden
Level: Piranha Plant Pass
Level: Toy Time Galaxy
Level: Pro Vanilla Lake 2
Level: Carrera Circuit
Level: Mars Colony 2150
Level: Environment Map Cave
Level: Goomba Lake
Level: Autumn Forest
Level: Kartville
Level: Snowman Village
Level: Frappe Snowland 2
Level: Maker Mountain
Level: Yoshi Mountain
Level: Ermelber Circuit
Level: Toad Oasis
Level: Cascade Jungle
Level: Motorcat's Dirt Derby
Level: Wii Luigi Circuit
Level: SMO RC Car Challenge
Level: N64 Toad's Turnpike
Level: Wii Mario Circuit
Level: MBL New York Minute
Level: N64 Wario Stadium
Level: S&SASR Roulette Road
Level: Dokan Course
Level: Nokonoko Beach
Level: GCN Mario Circuit
Level: Beta Pinball
Level: SNES Mario Circuit 3
Level: N64 Luigi Raceway
Level: SNES Mario Circuit 2
Level: GBA Shy Guy Beach
Level: Wii Mushroom Gorge
Level: N64 Mario Raceway
Level: Wii U Super Bell Subway
Level: MBL Merry Mountain
Level: Wii U Animal Crossing
Level: Wii U Hyrule Circuit
Level: Wii Coconut Mall
Level: GBA Snow Land
Level: Wii Moonview Highway