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Super Mario Maker 2 Forum  /  Help with a WR on a random level (video inside)

Hey everybody, not sure if this kind of thing is allowed here so if it's not I'll gladly remove the post.

I'm competing with a friend of mine on a level his nephew made and we've been trading WRs for the past few days. He recently made a massive leap and beat the previous WR by 0.5 seconds. I'm attaching a streamable link to a pasted together version of what my typical route looks like. I assume he's doing something different but I can't figure out how I can shave time off other than tightening up my jumps, etc. which usually only leads to tenths of seconds in savings. Any ideas on what I could do?


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I’m not really a smm2 god so I can’t help you here, but this sort of thing is perfectly fine on the forums, hopefully someone else can help you.


The biggest timesave I can see is right at the beginning. You should IMMEDIATELY use red Yoshi to set of the bomb and then get the P Switch. You do this because you have to wait for the bomb to explode so as you wait you get the P Switch so it essentially loses no time.