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I love the weekly endless expert season, but one thing has been annoying me is the scoring structure. Winner always gets 3 or 4 points, but I feel that bowling league point distribution would be ideal in this situation. By this I mean granting a point for each match and instead of the automatic point for best of three, the 4th point should be for most total clears. This would lead to more importance in winners getting most clears possible and losers trying to stay close to winners. This could also lead to ties resulting in both competitors getting a 1/2 point. I’d be interested in other’s thoughts on this concept and would love to see it applied in season 3. Maybe even a side pot for player with most clears during regular season play.

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This leaderboard, nor for that matter has anything to do with any Super Mario Maker league. Any feedback regarding tournaments or leagues should be taken with the people that runs them.

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