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Super Mario Maker 2 Forum  /  A Question about the level 18 WR
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For some reason when I watched the WR run of level 18 (treetop fireballs) around 24 seconds in when mario exits the red pipe he appears out the pipe for a second then an animation plays and mario exits the pipe. I am not trying to say this run is segmented I just wondered how this happened. If anyone knows please could you reply.

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He cant record videos of more than 30 seconds with the switch, so yeah, he record it in 2 diferent videos, and then use another camera to record to it
In the midle, the pause imagen that is looked for a bit when he is adjustin the video to record, so there it the main fail yeah, it cut because of that
In all case, because some factors like the same time to reach there (280) with the same tres and the exact momento of the music, I imgaine is true that is do it at once yeah
And in all case he recah at the momento of the time to the flag, so nice
But you´re true

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Thanks for the answer it makes so much sense, I can't believe I didn't think of it.

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Exactly what Killedragon said.
Clipping 30 Secs videos via the switch recording feature and then recording them via phone as I don't own a capture card (:<
Applies to all of my IL runs which are longer than 30 Secs [:

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(edited: )

Thanks for the confirm 🙂 😃
And yeah, I also doesnt have a capture card, dont worry xd

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@NiklYoshiNiklYoshi Is there any reason you can't upload the clips directly to twitter or youtube?

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And what about splicing when the screen goes black when you enter the pipe to make it less obvious? You could say that you did that in the description.

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I mean as long as you can see the entire run it doesn't really matter.

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@PASRCPASRC there's no way to upload switchclips directly to YT and back when I did all of my runs I didn't have a Twitter.
@Linny356Linny356 I did that in most of my WRs, however, sometimes there aren't any intersections and sometimes clipping in intersections would force me to clip more often than I'd theoretically needed to.

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