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  [user deleted]

What you do, is that you complete 1 super expert lvl, 2 expert lvls, 4 normal lvls and 8 easy ones. This is all about finding the right lvls in the searching thingy, mostly speedruns maybe. The timing of this category will be up to feedback. Personally tho, i think timing should be adding up the time you got on that stage. Lemme know how we should time it, and if this would be any good

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That was my idea

  [user deleted]
(edited: )

alright then, 8 easy endless levels, 4 normal lvls, 2 expert and 1 super expert. How's that?

Edit: Beat 2 super expert lvls, so that it equals to 1 whole board


I think endless so random for a speedrun

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  [user deleted]

@IwerSonschIwerSonsch we can switch to 2+4+8+16, but since im bad at the game i wont be able to do a run of this. Its because the super expert, i just suck at it SOOO much...


just reset skip n stuff

  [user deleted]

Yeh, but still. Ive tried SE a couple of times without getting even 1 single level

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