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Hey there! Welcome to the SMM2 Versus Tournament! Here is some info if you are looking into joining.
-The tournament has a cap of 32 players, so be sure to sign up ASAP!
-The tournament will be Best of 3 Best of 7s, so you will need to win 2 best of 7 matches to win.
-The tourney will start soon after we reach the cap of 32 players
-The tourney will be streamed to https:/​/​twitch.​tv/​speedyevents
- Use the link here to join or invite people to the server: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​xgWNF9v
-There will sadly be no prize for this tournament ☹️ But if this tournament is successful then we could do more in the future with prizes!
-Use this link to sign up! https:/​/​challonge.​com/​SMM2VS
We are also looking for commentators if anybody would be interested. We hope to see you there!

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1. When start the tournament?

2. How good I have to be to play it? lol


KilleDragon I am dog s%$@ at this game and i am entered

KilleDragonKilleDragon likes this. 

When will this start?

KilleDragonKilleDragon likes this. 

@LgenommenLgenommen when we got 32 players he said

KilleDragonKilleDragon likes this. 

Yeah, we have to planificate it all the time

In all case, is not needed to be all the games at the same time


so sad
Just now remember this, and only 5 players alredy
So just want to remember this to all yeah


lmao imagine some day reaching 32 people and playing the tournament in like 40 years xdd
also discord invitations invalid sad xd


Yeah, @KilleDragonKilleDragon, I tried the discord link and it was invalid.


Also, is this still going on? I would like to be a part of it, but this seems to have started so long ago, and there are only 6 people in it as of right now.


going for this again seems like practicaly starting from 0 lol but it would be cool

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