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Super Mario Maker 2 Forum  /  Downhill can it go lower?

Okey, if all the people get exactly that, and looking for the level, it doesnt seem to be posible in 16
In all case, that would be so nice

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Personally, I completely agree that downhill is just a free WR, however since it is literally just a hold right level I don't think 16 will be possible. I will try for a sixteen, but since we haven't got a 16 in 10 months without a new discovery or some sort of glitch I don't think it is possible.

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I tried to get sub 17s for a while, even recreated the level with this level ID: 9C7-3TD-8JF, so that people can get a time in miliseconds and see exactly how good was their run.

Very good speedrunners tried to speedrun the level but couldn't get a sub 17s. And since I'm in touch with Kingboo I asked him as well and he only got 17.131. For those who don't know who Kingboo is, he's the winner of the first ninji with a 19.797 as well as a constant top 5 worldwide in all subsequent ninjis.

That being said, sub 17 at this point is more than unlikely. And since the mods of the leaderboard just keep adding more WR ties (at the same time of having no motivation whatsoever to change anything about this massive WR tie), the list is just gonna get longer and longer until the game dies.

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Ez downloasd sleed hack become god 😎


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