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Hello! I very recently discovered that mario maker 2 had a speedrun community and was very excited. I can't buy a capture card any time soon, so I was wondering what the policies were with recording on a camera or phone?
Thank you.

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Perfectly allowed; maybe you need to be visible the cantity of lives or coins and this kind of states to prove it is not segmented or something like that, idk
In all case, is not realy needing a perfectly screen if you can look for the run
Inclusive you dont need sound, I just dont have sound of the game on my run in easy endless mode

From the experience, I can say you that 🙂
If not, you can ask also in the discord of the speedrunning of the game (look at the left to get the link)
I hope that help you

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I look once the WR of Story Mode with Luigi Assistant recording directly to the switch in tabletop mode without a capture card, so yeah

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i use a tablet and sometimes twitter to record

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As long is the gameplay is clear at all times, there wont be an issue

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