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  [user deleted]

If you wanna run on of the shorter categories, and dont have a capturecard, i have a tip! Simply make a 30 second long switchvideo about it, then you can either take your phone and record that, or post the clip on twitter and post it on YT. I dont really know how to do the twitter thing, but you can google it! This comes with a dissatvantege though. The run your doing MUST be clipable aka under 30 seconds. If it is 27 seconds but includes pipes and doors, i wouldnt take the chance. But if you wanna run a downhill battle for example, you can just clip the run! I hope this was helpful to somebody...


Well then just have a capture card xddddddd


In the old days we used camera

  [user deleted]

lol ok


just beat the game so fast it only takes 30 seconds, then just record it with the switch 30 second c apture feature

  [user deleted]

excacly, thats what im saying

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