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Super Mario Maker 2 Forum  /  In "Story Mode All Jobs" can use Luigi´s asistant? Put like any% 2 categories modes?

In Story Mode any%, there is a posibility to choise if you do with Luigi´s Assistant or if no.
But, in Story Mode All Jobs, teres no.
It is alowed to use the Luigi´s assistant in All Jobs?

Cant be like in any% a choise of "Luigi´s assistant" and no "Luigi´s assistant"?


Direct copy from rules:

- Timing starts when you press "Story Mode".
- Timing ends when the message "You completed all jobs as Mario!" appears.

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Oh_Snap that was not my question… lol xd

I am saying that in any% of story mod there is a luigi´s assistant category and a not lugi´s asisstant category, but in All Jobs no.

Is posible to use Luigi´s assistant in all Jobs?
and if not, would be a Little idea to put also a category of all Jobs with Luigi´s assistant


I am thinking on do a SpeedRun with Luigi´s assistant, so when casuality I look in all Jobs, I figure out that there was not a Luigi´s assistant for All Jobs


Oh wait, you can still complete levels as Mario but use Luigi's assist parts, can't you? I think the answer was directed at whether you can let Luigi finish a level for you, and I tunneled on that by thinking the question was fully answered with that citation

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