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How much it cost time ?

By Kevin700PKevin700P Last updated

Timed on physical copy

Skip the Level = 12.7s
Press Pause X2 = 1s
1 Death = 7.8s
1 Door = 2s
2 Pipes = 7.3s
1 Teleportation Block = 2.28s
1 Power-Up / Damage = 0.61s

Super Mario Bros.
Top Flag = 8.31s
Ground Flag = 7.95s
Top Axe = 10.56s (+0.17s with enemies on the screen)
Ground Axe = 10.44s (+0.17s with enemies on the screen)

Super Mario Bros. 3
Cube ending = 4.34s
Axe = 11.2s

Super Mario World
Flag = 8.51s
Axe = 12.8s

Super Mario Bros. U
Flag = 6.9s
Axe = 9.37 (+0.1s with enemies on the screen)
Claw on the flag = 24.97s

3D World
Top Flag with animation = 10.97s / without animation = 8.47s
Ground Flag with animation = 8.83s / without animation = 6.39s

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