Regarding other episodes
8 years ago
Małopolskie, Poland

If You found great campaign and it's not listed here, post in this topic all details like name/author/suggested categories/download link.


Why isn't it allowed to switch characters during a run by the way?

Małopolskie, Poland

There is a bug where sometimes you can't change characters using keys. It happens when some episodes are using too much layers/scripts.

Małopolskie, Poland

Hey, what do you mean by single levels? If I take a look at runs for specific episode then I will add that to leaderboards.

Baltimore, MD, USA

He means an Individual Level board for runs of specific levels within each episode


Episode Name: Lowser's Conquest Version: Beta 1 Topic Link: Episode Download Link: Required Version of SMBX (1.3S): Author: Sednaiur

Catagories: Any% Route A (World 5 and 7 Complete) Any% Route B (World 4 and 6 Complete) 100% (Collect all 120 stars)