Global Rules
3 years ago

Full Game Rules

  1. All Vanilla Characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Link) are allowed during runs.
  2. Character Switching is allowed during the run
  3. Timer starts at soon as the game loads
  4. We have whitelisted/allowed the use of mods for the following:
  5. For other episodes, only vanilla characters that allowed in the episode can be played unless specified otherwise
  6. For episodes with world maps, Menu Quits used to change characters are not allowed.
  • In Game Timer
  • Input Viewer Other mods/scripts that aren't whitelisted by us are prohibited during runs, more information and link to download can be found on discord server.

Individual Levels

  1. Must Use In-Game Timer to Beat the Level
  2. No Character Switching Via Pause Menu
  3. Only Powerups Within Episode Are Allowed
  4. For now, only vanilla characters are allowed for levels unless the level specifies otherwise.

Version Rules

  1. The following version are allowed: 1.3, SMBX2, XTech Mode 2 or 3
  2. Version 1.3 is allowed for only full games with RTA timing.
  3. Version SMBX2 is allowed for Beta 4, using the default or 1.3 Lua Timers
  4. Version XTech is allowed using Mode 2 or Mode 3 for speedruns
  5. Please put what version your runs were in the description
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