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If you would like to request a new category for these leaderboards, please reply to this forum post with a message of the following format:

Category Name:
Category Rules:

Extra Information:

Where the name and rules are as they would appear on the leaderboards, runners indicates who has run the category so far (the higher this number, the more likely the category is to be accepted) and extra information is a short paragraph explaining what the category is about and why it should be added to the leaderboards.

People can show their interest in a category by liking the forum post for that submitted category. Please keep this thread concise and formal so that as many submitted categories can be reviewed as possible. Any arguments about whether a category should be added should be taken elsewhere. If your category hasn't been added within a week, the request has most likely been rejected.

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Category name: Die to all species

Runners: 0 (I'll probably run it if there's interest though)

Rules: Die by touching each species (Goomba, Koopa, Buzzy Beetle, Hammer Bro, Bullet Bill, Bowser, Blooper, Cheep Cheep, Lakitu, Spiny, Piranha Plant=11 deaths)
Note Spiny and Spiny Egg are considered the same species, as are all forms of Cheeps and all forms of Koopas. Hammers, firebars, podoboos, and Bowser breath are not considered species. Simultaneously dying to two species doesn't count for both. Bowser Imposters are viewed only as Bowsers. You can Game Over, but you have to restart at 1-1.

Extra Information:
I think this category is worth having because it's significantly different from existing categories and I believe there are several reasonable options for routes (e.g. any% run then game over and keep going; use infinite lives trick in 3-1 and run through to 4-2 and warp to world 5; warp to 4-1 and then run through to 5-2 while collecting as many extra lives as possible). This run could incorporate strats from other runs, like Double Mario And Bowser Kill or 10 Lives, but I think it is different enough to be worth its own category. Clearly I haven't worked this out in complete detail, but I wanted to gauge interest.

I've started a discussion thread for this category proposal at so as not to clutter this thread.

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@fifdspence thats actually a great idea. It would also simplify this 'category' if you had a game genie, because you could simply insert the 'infinite lives' code. Or do you have to game over to 'win' this category?

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Category Name: Warpless No Coins
Runners: 1
Rules: Normal warpless rules, with the additional constraint that you not take any coins. Game over + continue is fine, but it doesn't "undo" taking a coin.

Extra Information:
I have completed a (terrible) run of this as a proof-of-concept that it can be done. We already have an Any% No Coins category (currently called 'Coinless', but I would suggest relabeling it if this is added), so this would be a nice counterpart for anyone who wants the extra challenge.

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  [user deleted]

category: beat 1-4
runners: (2) me and thatgrapeisaspy
rules: beat 1-4 timing starts on first frame 400 appears in 1-1 timing ends on the frame axe is grabbed

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Gadmin. Beat 1-4 was in user-defined categories and it had like 5 runners, I don't think that it is really intresting, before kosmicd12 will submit his run with 1-1 flagpole glitch. My time was 1st without FPG - 1.58.62


category: any% no glitches
runners: so many
rules: Beat the game in any way possible without using glitches. Exploits are allowed as there are not counted as glitches. left+right is of course banned, hitbox abuse (like going into piranha plants without getting hurt) is allowed.


There already is a category like that, called Glitchless.


If you submit a run for that if it gets added to this leaderboard, you can also add it to any% board in the original leaderboard where the meme categories are not located, and there is a ton of fire mario runs on the non-meme leaderboards so adding them would be a pain


Any% Fire Mario:
Runner(s): jtknott
Category Rules: You use SDA timing.You have to pick up a mushroom and fire flower during this run. It does not matter if you lose it or not.

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This falls under Any% and is just using a different strat.


If you would like to request a new category for these leaderboards, please reply to this forum post with a message of the following format:

Category Name: 1-1 Flagpole Warp
Runner(s): Me, I hope more will try.
Category Rules: So you need to hit the flagpole, then get pushed back to the stairs, keep walking and hit the flagpole block.
Timing starts when timer appears, and ends when you hit the flagpole block.
You must use an NTSC rom.
Extra Information: the way you do this is you get pushed far enough to the right so that when you flip over the flagpole you go off screen and it will teleport you back to the stairs.

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There is a similar category called 'Softlock'. I requested this several months ago and i_o_l created Softlock.

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Why really no to make Beat 1-4 (world 1) category? There is request already. There is already more then five runners and it is should be nice for beginners as well as for top legends, because there is time to save by flagpole glitches.

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2 player world 1 rules: have to be 2 players and no glitches both players have to finish world 1


name: Yeahh 1-1 rules: use the yeahhhh game genie cheat code add beat world 1-1


Can somebody please tell me, why Beat 1-4 was rejected? There is already few runs in it and I did really great run that should be WR. Shame that I can't add it to leaderboard.


I have no idea why is was rejected. No one really cares about category extension as they're mostly either memes or just kinda suck so I don't see why they have to take it this seriously.