Unofficial Leaderboards/Discord Servers go here
4 years ago
Colorado, USA

If you have an unofficial leaderboard, Discord server or whatever, you can post it here.

Put all of the relevant information in one post. If information needs to be added or changed, edit your post. Don't post another response.

This thread is not intended for conversations and comments. Any of those will be deleted.

Since I'm somewhat back, I'm trying to spend a little time cleaning up the forums when I have a few free minutes of time here and there.

Having an unofficial leaderboard and all that is perfectly fine. Y'all have your fun, I don't really care one way or another and I don't want to make people discouraged or feel looked down upon because they want to run "unofficial" categories. This clogging up the forums with it is getting absurd and out of hand though and it needs to be dealt with.

Please keep discussions of unofficial things outside of the forums. I will likely do some purging of threads within a few days or at the very least, locking them.

As a side note, if you necro the threads with no useful information to warrant pushing it back to the top, I'm deleting your post so that it goes back where it belongs.

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United States

My discord that i created over two months ago for 1-1 and 1-2 meme speedruning

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Texas, USA

@2q expired invite?

I know ILs won't be here but I want to know what the records are like

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London, England

@MeesterTweester i dont use the server lol

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Texas, USA

oh :/

Is there some list of IL times?

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United States

Super Mario Bros. Unofficial Categories Leaderboard:


I hope this leaderboard will be of use for all runners! It is currently undergoing various changes so more categories will most likely be added soon. :)

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@wrboismbs We should move the conversation in the discord

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Andalusia, Spain

This Discord Server provides Game Genie code Speedruns (suggestions allowed). There are many moderators meaning that each run that has been submitted will be verified shortly.

The Google Drive leaderboards is:

The invite link is:

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Sierra Leone this is a sob leaderboard i made, of the top 100 best sum of bests for any%

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Sierra Leone
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11x Categories - New Timing Method

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to announce a new change to timing methods for both 11x categories. The new timing standards are as follows:

  • Timing starts from power-on/reset (or game select if you're using one of the combo cartridges).
  • Timing ends on grabbing the axe on the 11th run.
  • Time betw
5 months ago