Potential CE Idea: -3 IL
2 months ago
United Kingdom
He/Him, They/Them
2 months ago

So basically 8-4 IL timing with -3 (9-3 if on the practice ROM with MWE). Since it is and ending to the game, it too wouldn't have framerules. Same with D-4 IL on TLL. I just don't get why they aren't added. However, one big problem is that it's already 2 frames from perfection, so leaderboards might just end up really, REALLY slow moving or just bad. Anyways, is it a good idea?

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11x Categories - New Timing Method

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to announce a new change to timing methods for both 11x categories. The new timing standards are as follows:

  • Timing starts from power-on/reset (or game select if you're using one of the combo cartridges).
  • Timing ends on grabbing the axe on the 11th run.
  • Time betw
5 months ago