Pigoap warpless
4 months ago
Massachusetts, USA

Both categories exist for stageo so i was wondering when pigoap would get a warpless category

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makes sence

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Actually a pretty good idea !

If you can, you should do a speedrun of it and see how much you enjoy it

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I just realized that this forum has been inactive for over a month and there's 0.1% chance of the author reading this

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Basque Country

I thought your first post was alredy something like "do a speedrun of it- oh wait this has been inactive for months". Apparently you then edited a day later the post for it to look like you didnt realise, and then commented how you "realised" for the 2nd time. Odd stuff

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Illinois, USA

Like what the other guy said, PIGOAP Warpless would be fun to try. There are a lot of RNG elements you’ve gotta deal with though since managing pace consistently is surprisingly difficult, but that’s what would make the category interesting, at least. So much more than like half the categories out there.

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United Kingdom
He/Him, They/Them
1 month ago

no you're just addicted to pigoap lol

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