2020 goals

What is your 2020 speedrunning goals?

WR in smb1 Any% 4:57 in smb1 Any% All Stars Super Mario Bros. leaderboard WR sweep sub 4:40 AISSON

Extra: Any WRs in this leaderboard (edit: I realized that getting every single WR in this category is too ambitious, here's why https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qvChAHys4MpvYbcs2WEdJlzhV9DWkpHV2IrxnLeqzmA/edit?usp=sharing)

ok inmahujihu

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Michigan, USA

low to mid 4:57

United States

As of right now, my 2020 goals are:

  1. 456 smb1 any%
  2. 757/756 smb2j any% 8-4
  3. Sub 20 smb1 warpless
  4. 232 minus world ending
  5. 44.4xx 8-4 IL
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West Virginia, USA

at this point I'm convinced that a sub-8 2J time is more likely than 457 for me, so I'm gonna healthily grind both like I did when I first learned 2J. Also Super Metroid KPDR sub hour is 3rd on the list. Wolverine NES and a few other NES platformers top 5/wr in mind, but we'll see. Warpless sub-20 but I'll get to that once I'm cool with my any% time. would like to learn SM64 16 Star/SMW 11 exit/SMB3 NWW

United Kingdom
  1. smb1 any% 4:56.4. i'm actually seriously underestimating what i could do. in theory, i could actually get wr by the end of 2020 provided that i still have motivation and don't get eaten alive by GCSEs. the trouble is that my motivation for any% is kinda inconsistent, and idk if i'll have the patience/time to grind for many months to get wr or even 4:55. that may happen in 2021 though if i'm still around then :)
  2. a thicc warpless time. 19:04 would be nice because that's what darb has, and i always end up watching darb's 19:04 for whatever reason. i'll go for 19:0x with small fire first, and then learn small fire.
  3. 2:32/2:33 minus world ending. i'll definitely get 2:33 because -1 full fpg is someFree but idk if i'll care enough to get a 2:32.
  4. onehand wr (preferably a 4:58 but i'll settle for a low 4:59). i was going for this back in like july/august of 2019 and actually had a few runs a framerule or two ahead of wr but they all died in tragic ways, most notably one run that would have been two framerules ahead of wr died to a bad hammer bro in 8-3. this run wouldn't be so hard do get because wr is free, but playing onehand for too long gives me major hand cramps so idk if i'd be able to get it because of that.
  5. 24.xxx 1-1 as fire mario LUL
  6. 10:5x 1 warp. i got 11:01 yesterday in a run that missed two frame walljump so that should be someFree
  7. a good smb2j any% time. i don't want to jump in and say 7:5x because idk how much i'll actually play it but i ran that category for a few days last summer and it was super fun. definitely going to play it again some time this year 8 ) learn smb2j warpless. i haven't even beat the game warpless yet but i'm told that it's a brilliant category to play as a getaway from smb1, so that sounds like a good blessing when i go for harder and harder times in smb1.
  8. play smb3 again. i learnt it for 12 hour challenge and then never played it again for some reason. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  9. get a time in 16 star that i'm happy with. same as smb3 - i learnt it for a few days, got a kinda bad pb that i never even highlighted and then never played it again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

these are all i can think of right now but i'll inevitably end up running something else

gl to everyone on their goals

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@Johnny__Mandarino Yes I did, I was inspired by it and that's why I copy pasted wut you said last year it was a very noice post

Texas, USA
He/Him, They/Them
3 years ago

Low 4:56 or better in any% Sub 19:20 warpless

And... that’s kind of it for now. I can almost guarantee that there will be more though.

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New Hampshire, USA

Just getting better at the games I'm not so good at as well as reaching my goals in the games I'm already good at.

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United States

My current goals for this year are:

  • 4:56.4xx (and if i get it, 4:56.1xx grind)

  • 19:xx Warpless

  • Get a decent time in SMB2J

  • 2:31 Minus World Ending

  • Get a few WRs or top 3s in other categories

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Michigan, USA

I really just want to get 4:58 by February or March. Hopefully first 4:57 by at least June. Hope to have mid to low 4:57 by the end of the year.

Basque Country
  • CATEGORIES FILLER > GOLD/PLATINUM (great name lol lmao jaja xd): Basicaly, to run absolutely all the cactegories and subcategories that exist in the main leaderboard and in the category extensions leaderboard lol lmao; I alredy doesnt submit any run to any of those leaderboards yet, but I am thinking in to incorporate to the comunity, and I would like to prove all this nice and great categories, now more that I downlod an emulator lmao (for example, for the cheat codes; before I would play it in Switch lol); The only exceptions are the "Minus world ending" category because I dont have the japanese version :( :c, probably the 11x warpless and 11x any% that are alredy too long and too repetitive so I dont think that I would be go to do it, and by the moment all the categories that are from "All Stars" because I doesnt have the All Stars version yet> this that last one not sure, maybe I install on an emulator and play it lmao

Apart of that:

  • Get a good Any% PB time for myself; I doesnt have an specific time lol; I dont know how hard can be exactly to do a sub 5, but would be so nice to do it some day lmao; In all case, by the moment a good goal would be to reach to 5:10 or better lmao
  • Run a good "Anti-Pacifist Warpless" without fail any time (by the way a free WR jaja XD)
  • Get a good Warpless PB time for myself; the same tan in Any%, not sure about of the time; I supose that by the moment can I be happy with a sub 22 or something like that :) :D xd
  • Run an 11x Any% :) , and maybe, only MAYBE, but maybe, a 11x Warpless :D
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United States
  • 4:56.1 / 4:55 smb any%, pretty much done with this category but maybe one day
  • sub-19:03 smb warpless, just get of world 1 and yeah
  • top 10 smas warpless, i want to get into this category again
  • get a decent 8-4 IL (i've gotten 8-J like 3 times now help)
  • take smb2j seriously, i play on wiivc so probably not but idk
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2020: Main goal is 456 any% smb1 Side goals: 19:1x smb1 warpless And 6:4x in mushroom cup 150cc in double dash later on in the year

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Smb1 goals for end of 2020:

  • very low 5 or sub5 any%
  • 44.7xx or better 8-4 IL
  • complete a 1 warp run
  • learn the few stages I can't do yet and then complete a warpless run
  • do a segmented any% 4:55
  • get low 4:56 pace to start of 4-2 (doing 1-1 and 4-1 FPGs) just because it feels good
  • have fun

Current PBs and consistencies so I can compare to this when I (hopefully) view this again in 1 year:

  • 5:13 any% (and had 5:05 to 8-4, 4:58 to 4-2)
  • 44.92 8-4 IL
  • 13 out of the last 100 attempts at optimal 8-1 without FPG
  • 4% 1-1 FPG from savestate after underground
  • I wanted to have FPG in a run as 2020 goal but I acidentally did that last year without even trying hard, on the third dead run after learning FPG
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SMB- Beating the EYY-SON WR, getting a really good any% pb to the point where I can’t go any higher, 1-1 as Fire Mario top ten in leaderboard Sm64- sub 10 0/1 star, getting a good 16 star pb And after that Idk kappa

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Michigan, USA

Aisson wr is really hard man, GL though

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Alabama, USA

SMB1 Sub 5 Any% (currently 5:07) sub 20 warpless would be nice but you never know, i have short temper Minus world (fds) get like 2:3x, that would be cool

SMB3 Actually complete No Wrong Warp Any% (the levels after the ships are annoying)

SMB2J get all stars version run that's actually decent something good on NES version to hopefully?

Skate 3: All Films Run, maybe wr? Any% Run sub 3 Hour (and actually figure out a way to film it)

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