glitchless TAS
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

I made a glitchless category, watch the video and tell me where I can improve.

New Jersey, USA

you mean you made a glitchless tas, also looks good

At 4:08 you get a 244 in 8-3, which isn't possible without Left + Right, which is a glitch.

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New Jersey, USA

its not a glitch

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11x Categories - New Timing Method

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to announce a new change to timing methods for both 11x categories. The new timing standards are as follows:

  • Timing starts from power-on/reset (or game select if you're using one of the combo cartridges).
  • Timing ends on grabbing the axe on the 11th run.
  • Time betw
3 months ago
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