What is 8-4 IL?

The 8-4 IL caught my attention. I don't really know what is it about. I don't even know what "IL" means. But it seems to me that is about beating 8-4 as fast as possible. I already ran some attempts and got 3 runs but there are a few things that I don't get.

  • What does "IL" mean?
  • Can I use any framerule I want?

I read in the rules that savestates and the practice rom are allowed but it doesn't say anything regardless of which framerule should I use at the start.

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  1. IL means "individual level," meaning you are speedrunning just one "individual level." So an 8-4 IL speedrun is a speedrun of just level 8-4

  2. You can use any framerule


Thank you!


8-4 doesn't have framerules. you can start a few frames before the 400 appears


I mean at the start of the level not at the end. In the practice rom you can set any framerule to start a level.


plz you can send the link with the rom of practice for 8-4 IL ?


you can get it here https://github.com/pellsson/smb just load the SMB1 rom on your emulator then load the IPS patch it's also in the resources page! https://www.speedrun.com/smb1/resources


Thank you !

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Alabama, USA

can you use the original rom for that or is it banned


yes you can use the original rom. it's just that most runners would do it on the pellson rom so you can easily know your run time. and it's easier for the mods to retime your run, so it's recommended that you use the pellson ips patch


but too i have a ask of is requiered practice roms ?


No, you can use the practice rom or the normal rom.

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