No PipeJumps%?
2 months ago

What do moderators think about No PipeJumps Warpless and Warps?

United States

But why? It would just be regular any% + warpless

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Well, it may not be the best idea, but saying it would be de same as a regular run is like saying 2nd quest is the same as 1st quest.

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2nd quest is harder than 1st quest, so it could actually affect your gameplay, your category is just a mix of two categories without adding much. You might as well just play the other category

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Well, that makes sense

Basque Country
Deleted by the author

banning pipejumps for a category would just make l4-2 impossible, 8-1 harder, and tas 8-2 impossible


We're not adding it sorry, it's way too similar to any% and warpless to warrant addition.

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