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i think we should remove reset times because it gives console players a disadvantage because they have to actually move more than a quarter of an inch (im not biased im an emu player) basically timing would pause between touching the axe and the console restarting is there a reason why reset times weren’t already removed?

11x any% has the same problem

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@JoeTheBrooo console can reset their consoles the exact same way than emu players, there is no disadvantage there

@LiamTrader he is alredy talking about 11x any% lol

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@KilleDragon You can easily press a reset hotkey on keyboard without being hunched over an NES with your finger next to the reset button.

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not sure how realy works reseting on the NES, but the WR of 11x any% is an original NES speedrun and definitely does it quite efficiently

@KilleDragon sorry, thought he said warpless in his description

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I brought this up a couple years ago with the mods. In my eyes, emulator runners are able to gain an ever more important advantage by resetting using their controllers, which is, of course, impossible to do on an original console/controller setup under the current ruleset. My solution to close the gap was to allow savestating to the Mario/Duck Hunt, so runners could reasonably play on a flashcart and maintain the reset speed possible on emulator.

Obviously, the speed at which you can reset on a console is very dependent on your setup. In Carbo's record, his setup allowed him to grab the axe in 8-4 with a finger free to reset the console as he finished the game. However, I believe this is still a massive inconvenience to console runners being that it may be unreasonable with certain setups.

On top of that, unlike emulators, console reset times can vary. This is a result primarily of how long the reset button is held. Though it is controllable, it does add an extra obstacle unique to console runners

With all of that being said, removing reset times could be problematic if not done correctly. For instance, if we decide to remove the time from the axe grab of the previous run to the frame 400 appears in 1-1 (making the total run time a sum of the any% times), it adds the possibility of starting with a timer offset, which to me defeats the purpose of the category. After all, the 11x category was created in the first place to show the maximum number of times the game can be completed real-time in an hour.

I don't think removing reset times is a bad decision, but it has to be done in a way where both console and emulator are on a level playing field. If such a decision is made, it should be done to remove only the time from after the axe is grabbed to the frame the title screen appears, ensuring we are only eliminating the reset as a variable in runs.

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basicaly removing just the load time from the point where the axe is touched to the point where the console is reseted? without affecting the time from the new boot up

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